Guest post: A Camel Yard

A Camel Yard is a poem written years ago after the author visited the Owl House.

A Camel Yard

The dancing
on the breath of a Karoo breeze
words say

Shimmering wishes
fishnetted between a Karoo sun cooling
and the rising blue hieroglyphic moon,
tinkling, sing for northbound caravans,
for unheard music.

And somewhere in your own centre
is, similarly fenced,
defined and dislocated,
an imperfect apocalypse,
retarded, arrested,
and nested with the fragmentary
evidences of a consciousness,
the delicate words which cocoon you,
legible only from within
and animated by the breath of a Karoo breeze,
illuminated by the unwaning moon of your delight,

A lullaby which soothes:


(A Camel Yard by Rob Bolton)

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