In Memoriam: Dene Coetzee, OHF chairman

The small village of Nieu Bethesda has a particularly small population, and over the last few months we have suffered an immense amount of loss. Some of the greatest trees in our community was felled… suddenly and without warning.

One of the esteemed members of our society who had passed away recently was Dene Coetzee, a local farmer but also the chairman of the Owl House Foundation, who passed away on 23 August.

Dene was appointed as the chairman last year where he served with his wife Patty, who is also on the board of directors.

Dene was well-known in Paarl where he owned a nursery for many years before moving to Nieu Bethesda ten years ago where he retired on the farm now known as Riverdene.

Dene Coetzee,

Our greatest sympathy to Patty, their children and friends for the tragic loss.


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