Guest post: A Camel Yard

A Camel Yard is a poem written years ago after the author visited the Owl House. A Camel Yard Nieu-Bethesda The dancing on the breath of a Karoo breeze words say elsewhere elsewhere. Shimmering wishes fishnetted between a Karoo sun cooling and the rising blue hieroglyphic moon, tinkling, sing for northbound caravans, for unheard music.… Continue reading Guest post: A Camel Yard

Helen Martins and the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Everyone who visits the Owl House and Camel Yard will always experience something completely different. Some feel an eerie presence, as if Helen is still tending to her birds and flowers, touching up statues and drinking tea in the kitchen, while others will see the hard work that has gone into creating the marvel that… Continue reading Helen Martins and the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

The near demise of the Owl House

Did you know that the Owl House was almost destroyed and refurbished as municipal offices some years ago? The story goes that Helen Martins’ precious Owl House nearly met its early end when the local municipality, who owns the property, was looking for a new office building and management considered flattening the Camel Yard and using… Continue reading The near demise of the Owl House

It takes a village

It has been 41 years since Helen Martins, the renowned outsider artist and creator of the Owl House took her own life. Throughout these years it took a lot of hard work and selfless volunteers giving their time and effort to keep the Owl House, as it stands today, intact and running. Over the years,… Continue reading It takes a village