It takes a village

It has been 41 years since Helen Martins, the renowned outsider artist and creator of the Owl House took her own life.

Throughout these years it took a lot of hard work and selfless volunteers giving their time and effort to keep the Owl House, as it stands today, intact and running.

Over the years, there were a myriad of people that have poured their heart and soul into keeping the Owl House in good repair. Not only keeping the everyday wear and tear at bay, but making sure that the administration is in order. This means that today, the Owl House shows a profit and have grown to such an extent that they can employ a number of local residents.

But it takes a village to keep it alive.

This blog will focus on all the good deeds of these people, while looking at some interesting facets of Helen Martins’ life and times.

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2 thoughts on “It takes a village”

  1. Hi Elbe.
    We also look forward to keeping in touch with the Owl House via your blogs. The members of the Owl House Advisory Committee might not physically be in Nieu-Bethesda, but our hearts are there.

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